6 Types of Relationships You will Find only in Urban India

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There are basically 6 types of relationships you are going to find in urban India․ It’s not easy to find the ‘perfect’ one but there’s always Indian dating sites here, to guide you in that kind of situations.

Money is the King

This is a heavily materialistic relationship in which money indeed buys love. This relationship is characterized by affluence and spending lots of money is essential to keep the relationship going. This means there has to be frequent eating out, iPhones, designer clothes, fancy shoes and lots of shopping.

Helicopter parents & extended families

In such relationships, parents dictate everything right from the color of the bed-sheet to the type of clothes one should wear! Parents are concerned about their kids and that’s normal up to a point. But excessive interference in your relationship by parents often has negative consequences. Things become even worse if one has to deal with a large joint family system.

My way or highway

There are some women (and men too) who have an excessively dominating attitude. She will decide every single thing about the relationship. If all else fails then she will deploy her most effective weapon, tears! And suddenly you are the guilty one.

No time for each other

The way trees cannot survive or grow without water, relationships cannot thrive if one or both partners are excessively busy. While chasing careers and dreams, people often forget that they are humans and not robots. People want to be loved and cared for and build happy memories. Excessive work stress can lead to burn out not only affecting your relationships but eventually work too.

Zero or low compatibility relationship

Sometimes, you have come across people both in India and abroad who happen to be in a relationship (dating or marriage) where there is really no love or compatibility but somehow they are together for the sake of being together. Two people might have completely different backgrounds and approaches to life and there is nothing which can really make the relationship work.

Happy go lucky

There is a saying, “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything but they make the most of everything”. This statement perfectly describes a happy relationship. Cheerful, radiant, made for each other and happy are some of the words that come to your mind when you think of this relationship. You can completely let go of yourself and enjoy each other’s company without worrying.

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