Is Dating A Friend A Good Idea? 10 Things To Know Before You Do That

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It’s no secret that successful relationships need to involve a level of friendship. The problem with having crushes on dating a friend is that you don’t want it to happen. But why don’t we want it to happen? We already know these people like the back of our hand. In my personal opinion-you should try it at least once.

The relationships where two people started as friends seem to run smoother and last longer than those who started off as strangers to one another. Obviously all relationships are different so that statement doesn’t apply to every pair out there.

10 reasons why dating your friend isn’t weird

1. You’re already comfortable with each other. Getting to know a new person and being comfortable with them is often very difficult. When you dating a friend this factor is already completed and there’s no awkwardness involved.

2. Communication within a relationship is a very important factor. Knowing somebody for a long amount of time makes it even easier to talk to them which leads to a healthy relationship built on trust and communication.

3. Let’s be honest. Everybody has some habit that another person could consider weird. Luckily with friends, they already know your weird habits and still like you.

4. In new relationships with a person that hasn’t been in your life too long you probably don’t know everything that may push their buttons. With your friends, you probably already know your limits and what the other person likes or dislikes.

5. There’s no weird “getting to know each other” stage. We all know what stage this is. It’s the stage of going on dates and having small talk conversations that can sometimes lead to awkward pauses and silence. Although it may be a little awkward when you first start dating a friend.

6. Friends have seen you at your best and they’ve seen you at your worst. You don’t feel inclined to act a certain way to impress them.

7. You can talk to each other like friends. You feel like you can talk about anything and everything with that person-even though they probably know almost everything already.

8. They know how weird you can be. Your friend has probably seen you in your weirdness prime. You know it’s 100 percent okay to act however you want.

9. You both probably share similar friend circles so you don’t have to worry about your friends liking/disliking them. Your friend groups are probably familiar with each other which eliminates the awkward first impression.

10. Past relationships won’t come as a shock because you’ve most likely heard about them. There’s probably very few things that you haven’t discussed with your friend. You most likely won’t hear about anything super shocking that could ruin a relationship since you already know this other person pretty well.

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