Unspoken Rules For Double Date

Double date can be the perfect way to have both date night and a social night at once. Since you’re usually balancing life between your relationship and your friendships anyway, finding a couple you and your partner love to double date with can be a huge relief if you know how to act. Here are unspoken rules for double date.

  • Pick a couple you both like

    Try to not let somebody “take one for the team” on this double date. If your partner really despises one or both the people in the other couple, just choose another couple.

  • Meet there

    It’s awkward if just one person is stuck being the designated driver while the other three can drink. Take your separate cars or cabs there.

  • Don’t go somewhere too pricey

    You don’t totally know the financial situation of the other couple, so be conscious of the pricing where you go.

  • Sit next to your date

    You already know your partner just fine. You’ll want to be able to face the other couple so you can talk easily.

  • The guys are paying

    It’s usually understood if it’s two men and two women that the men are picking up this check. Even if, when it’s just you and your partner, sometimes you’d pay, he’ll want to look like a provider in front of the other guy on this double date and pay.

  • No over-sharing

    The other couple doesn’t need to know about the weird things your partner does in bed or the gross things he does around the house. Save that for when you’re closer friends.

  • Engage everybody

    Make sure everybody feels involved in the conversation! Especially if say, you’re the one who arranged this because you know one of the people in the other couple from work—don’t talk about work and leave the other two hanging.

Even though going on a double date is a little harder than a typical date, these rules of double dating make it so much easier!