How to Find a Girlfriend

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While leading the single life is fun for a while, it can become tiring and often leaves singles wanting something more meaningful. If this applies to you and you’re actually seeking a significant relationship, here’s our advice of how to find girlfriend.

You need a clear idea about what kind of girl you’d like as a girlfriend. If you’re not that experienced yet with girls, that’s okay. Just think of what girls you’ve been around that you liked a lot. What qualities did they have that excited you most? The goal is a clear idea without being over picky. Be careful about picking solely off of physical features.

Unless you’re dating through free dating sites, you’ll need to go outside to meet her. The good news is, now you know what kind of girl you’re looking for. And that means you can pick where to go to find her.

For instance, if you want to find girlfriend who likes sports, it makes sense to go to sporting events or to the gym. You won’t have as easy a time finding sport-loving girls in the library. But if you want a girlfriend who likes to read, the library may be the perfect place to look.

The easiest way to take the pressure off and relax with girls is to just be social. Be social with everybody… Old people, young people, people waiting in line with you etc. Once you start talking to people, it gets fun and the fear goes away.

When you talk to girls, be social with them the same as with anyone else. They’re not strange creatures. You don’t have to put on a song and dance for a girl. Just talk to her like a regular person. Ask her about her day, ask her what she’s up to, comment on the book she’s reading. Talk about the environment around you.

Once you’re talking to her, you need to flirt. You can flirt both with your body language and with your words. An easy way to flirt with your body language is to make a half-smile and glance at her out of the corner of your eyes. Do this if she says something silly or hard to believe. Any time you’re teasing verbally, be sure to use a playful voice tone so she knows you’re just kidding.

The reason why it’s important to flirt is to make your intentions clear. You want her to know you’re interested in her. When you flirt, you let the girls who like you know the feeling is mutual.

If you’ve got a girl’s contact info, you can follow up with her later. And following up with her is how you’ll set up the first date.

If the date is going great, and you both don’t want it to end, then invite her home. There’s no three-date rule embedded in the female brain. If she’s ready to come home with you on the first date, then be a gentleman and invite the lady home. Don’t leave her out in the cold. If you invite her home, skip ahead to take her to bed.

Then, schedule your next date soon. Ask her out again after she left your place. Assuming you showed her a good time, she’ll be more than happy to see you again. And once you’ve had sex within  two or three next dates, you will have put her firmly into girlfriend land.

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