Gay Relationship Advice. Guide to Dating Other Men

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Dating can include being vulnerable and stepping out of your comfort zone. On the first few dates with a potential partner, you’ll likely notice if you have any chemistry.

While chemistry is important, you should look at other factors before starting a sexual gay relationship. When you enter a gay relationship, it’s also important to focus on your health and well-being.

Here are several considerations when developing a gay relationship or starting a gay chat  with another man.

1. Avoid placing all your emotional needs on your partner. Develop your own individual identity and through those experiences, your gay relationship will be enriched as you keep breathing new life into it.

2. Even if you’ve been together a long time, never expect your partner to know what your needs are. Mind-reading and making assumptions only leads to misunderstandings and potential conflicts.

3. Periodically have a “check-in” with your partner to reexamine how the relationship is going and how satisfied you and your partner are. This keeps the channels of communication open and can help renew the relationship.

4. Examine your satisfaction with the roles you play in your relationship. A real advantage of gay relationships is the ability to be flexible with life roles and not to have to ascribe to traditional sex role stereotypes commonly held in heterosexual relationships.

5. Protect your relationship legally by seeking assistance from an attorney to obtain the necessary legal documents befitting your particular relationship situation. Planning ahead with such things can insure that you’re each taken care of in the event that something was to jeopardize your union.

6. Don’t let the busyness of life take away from your relationship. Find a balance between work, alone time, friends, family, and time spent as a couple.


By educating yourself more about the unique dynamics of same sex dating, you will empower yourself for healthier, stronger and more meaningful relationships in the future.

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