How to turn an online date into a real date

online date
online date
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Who hasn’t struggled in the online dating scene? With a whole new layer to dating emerging right now in the 21st century, it’s no surprise that many of us are finding traversing this new online-love-landscape fairly difficult.

That’s why many people are looking to turn their online date into real, physical dates. But how do you do it? Don’t fear, as below you’ll find a series of tips and tricks to making your online date into a reality.

So get rid of those hook-up apps and put down your phone, because you’re about to dive right into the modern dater’s guide to finding an IRL relationship!

Compliment them

Now we’re not suggesting you stroll into your online date ’s DMs prepared with some pre-written clichés, but you can’t deny that giving someone a compliment is a genuinely powerful way to show your interest to another person. Not too shabby!

Compliments aren’t only restricted to looks either. You can’t compliment someone on how they speak, how entertaining they are, what sort of interests they have, anything.

The important part is to do it earnestly. Nobody likes a phony, and people can spot a fake compliment a mile away. You should only compliment someone if you genuinely want to, this will help your match see you’re serious about finding a committed partner, and they’re much more likely to see how an in-person date goes.

Ask for a phone call

While online dating might be good for browsing for your future life partner from the comfort of your sofa, there’s a few downsides to keeping things text-based.

Speaking over the phone, while perhaps not the most in vogue option, is a fantastic way to genuinely connect with your match. Phone calls allow for a much smoother way of conversing that doesn’t always occur through text. You might have noticed that you barely speak to some of the closest people in your life through text messaging, well the same could very well apply for any future partners. Sometimes speaking just gets the flow of conversation moving, and it allows for sarcasm, tone, jokes and any other playful bits of voicing to really shine.

Give a time and a place

Nobody likes a wishy-washy plan maker. Ever been in a situation where you and a friend just can’t decide on when and where to go? Sooner rather than later it seems like neither of you really want to meet up and before you know it, the plan has completely dissolved!

If you want your online match to know that you’re interested, suggest somewhere confidently but without being too pushy.

Then hash out which days you’re available. Again, don’t keep going back and forth. State which days you’re available and let them choose which works best for them.

Remember, don’t pick somewhere that’s further for your date to travel. To show that you respect each other’s time, it’s best to pick somewhere that’s roughly the same distance. Bonus tip: don’t invite them somewhere that your friends frequent! Your date might feel uncomfortable.

Don’t be pushy

While everybody wants to find their true love, you also don’t want to freak out any of your online matches. The best way to approach any online date is with a casual atmosphere. That way both you and the other person can get to know each other in a proper setting. Being overly pushy will scare off any potential partners, no matter how well-meaning you might be.

If you want to guarantee yourself a chance to meet someone in person, you want to make them feel safe and respected. Therefore, pushiness is a big no-no.

Keeping things casual also helps to avoid any awkwardness like what is deemed acceptable on the first date. Unless you’re a modern day Romeo and Juliet, maybe keep the goodbyes to a quick friendly hug.

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