Get More Matches: Create an Online Dating Profile That Stands Out

Online Dating Profile
Online Dating Profile
Find real love in real time at a click

Technological advances are changing the way we date. Today millions of people from all over the world are using dating apps to find love. These apps make dating more convenient while lessening the pressure that comes along with traditional dating. You create an online dating profile and you’re officially in the online dating pool.

It sounds simple, right?

While it’s easy to create an online dating profile, the process can be intimidating. What do you say about yourself? What picture should you use? What makes people click on an online dating profile? Answering these questions and more will help you make a profile that stands out.

Think about what you like to see on a profile

Browse the relationship app and take a look at other profiles. Make note of what stands out to you. Is there too little information? Too much? Is the picture appealing? Why or why not? Use that information to improve your profile. Additionally, ask a friend to take a look and tell you what they think.

Include a headshot and a body shot

Studies show that people who do not include pictures in their online dating profiles receive fewer messages than those who do. A nice smile or a confident stance can go a long way in getting someone to click on your online dating profile. Humans are visual creatures. We’re drawn in by what we see. Sometimes all it takes is a well-lit photograph to make us look twice. We like to know who we’re talking to and pictures satisfy that curiosity.

While looks aren’t everything, they do matter to some degree. You should include both a headshot and a body shot. Headshots are pretty self-explanatory. We all like to put a face to the name. A body shot is important because it showcases the whole you. Most of us like to know a person’s body size and shape. This helps in terms of physical attraction as well as being able to find someone in a crowd if you decide to meet in person.

Write an interesting bio

People that write a bio on their dating profile are more likely to receive a match than those who have a blank bio. Bios shouldn’t tell your entire life story nor should they be too vague. Even as little as 30 words provides a modest introduction. Clickdate eliminates the need for long-winded dating profiles. You simply answer a few questions about yourself, your interests, what you want and don’t want, and they do the rest. This helps you find people that you’re compatible with quickly, without having to weed through the rest.

Be honest

Using a relationship site comes with responsibility. Be honest with yourself and others. Let people know right off the bat why you’re there. Are you dating online because you’re bored? Do you feel lonely and want companionship? Looking for casual encounters and nothing serious? Maybe you want to eventually marry. Be honest. Let people know so that they can decide for themselves if it’s right or not. People admire honesty more than deception.

List a few of your interests

When it comes to dating, over 60% of people believe that common interests are important. If you have nothing in common, what will you talk about? How will you connect? On a relationship app, people seek out this information to form connections to potential partners. If you’re extra competitive and love extreme sports, say so! Are you more into hanging out at home and enjoying home-cooked meals? Mention it! This will invite more suitable partners to click on your profile.

Ask questions

Sometimes sending the first message on a relationship site is scary. By asking a question or two on your dating profile, it takes the pressure off of the other person. They don’t have to worry about what to say because they can just answer the question! This leaves an impression and opens the door for conversation. Be sure that you’re asking a question that you truly want to hear the answer to. Again, be honest with yourself and others.

What’s amazing about online dating sites is that you can get a sense of who you’re dating before you even meet. This makes dating more exciting and more successful. In fact, one in three couples found love online. You can improve your chances of finding love online by improving your dating profile. To sum it up, people on dating apps like to see photos, modest introductions, honesty, and interests. All of these things can improve the number of messages and matches you receive. The most important aspect of all is to always be yourself.


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