Setting the Rules of an Open Relationship

open relationship
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In addition to committed exclusive relationships, interracial relationships, same-sex relationships, complicated relationships and other types of relationships, we now have open relationships in the online dating world. In these kinds of relationships, partners can be physically intimate with other people without being accused of cheating. An open relationship could be a marriage or a dating relationship.
However, the relationship has to be consensual. Both partners should be ready to accept that the other person can be physically intimate with other people, and not consider that to be betrayal. Essentially, with these relationships, partners get the benefits of a traditional intimate relationship such as intimacy and sex but without the responsibilities of faithfulness or guilty in case of betrayal.
Some Controversies To Expect When In Open Relationships
There is obviously a lot of controversy surrounding these relationships, especially among those who belief intimate relationships should be exclusive and monogamous. However, more recent generations such as the millennials are fairly accepting of these relationships. In fact, the acceptance of these kinds of relationships across all demographics is growing as well; and for a number of reasons.
Why Get into an Open Relationship?
1. Guiltless Freedom to See other People
For instance, some insist on an open relationship because they want the freedom to date other people and even have romantic feelings for them. And it makes sense for someone who is not ready for a serious committed relationship just yet. Or someone who loves the thrill of being with multiple partners without causing hard feelings to any of them or feeling guilty.

2. To Avoid Being Alone While Waiting for a Desired Romantic Partner
With others, an open relationship gives them a chance to keep their romantic options open either because they like things that way at the moment or until they find someone they can be exclusive with. You can even commit to the person you were in an open relationship with after realizing that they meet your requirements for a long-term romantic partner. But this has to be to the agreement of both parties for best results.

3. To Avoid the Demands of a Regular Committed Relationship
Still, for others, an open relationship is simply less demanding than a committed relationship. For some, an open relationship lets a person embrace their desire to be intimate with other people while still having a stable romantic relationship with a primary partner. That is why we even have open marriages today.
How to Have a Successful Open Relationship?
The trick to a good open relationship, as with most to most other kinds of relationships, is openness between the partners with regard to relationship rules and the expectations. Both partners have to be on board from the very start. It is not an open relationship when one person is seeing other people and the other partner does not know that or agree to it.

Furthermore, when circumstances change so that exclusivity is desired, both partners have to agree to avoid getting into a relationship where having multiple romantic partners would be considered betrayal.
To Sum Up
Open relationships are common and trendy, and top dating sites like are willing to cater to the needs of those who want such relationships. We believe in deeper modern relationships where everyone gets their romantic needs addressed. At our best dating app in India, people declare in their profiles that they are looking for open so that they are matched to people who are looking for something similar. This way, there will be no hard feelings later because one partner wants an exclusive relationship while another prefers an open relationship.

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