Surprise Romantic Date Ideas With Your Loved One

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When was the last time you went the extra mile for your loved one? What truly makes it a romantic date will depend on what you both like to do. Set your intention for the date before it starts, treat your mate with courtesy and show them all the love you have for them.

You can either choose from one of these surprise romantic date ideas and simply have a good time with your partner.

  • Midnight picnic – visit a favorite spot under a full moon, or simply lay a blanket in your living room and enjoy a shared meal.
  • Go to the airport and fly wherever you want to go (take nothing with you). Spontaneity will make the time with your loved one exciting, adventurous, and very memorable.
  • Draw her a bath and while she relaxes, cook a nice dinner for the two of you to share. For a guy get them a beer and let them watch some sports, while you prepare the meal.
  • Get a couple’s massage at your favorite spa.
  • Take a class on how to give each other massages, then go home and practice.
  • Make a bottle of wine together, and then plan another fun date in the future when it will be ready to drink.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride. Get up crazy-early and see the sunrise from the balloon for an extra-special treat. Bring a beverage and snacks to enjoy, like mimosas and pastries for a sunrise adventure. For a sunset outing, wine, apples and cheese would be a hit.
  • Attend a free outdoor concert. Bring a picnic basket and wine, if possible, and don’t forget the blanket.

Maybe you’ve already used some of these romantic date ideas? If not try one of them.

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