Advantages of being Single Men

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Are you blissfully single men? Or have you put your life on hold until you are in that “magical” relationship?

There are nowadays more single men than ever before, with a lot of them striving to get into a relationship. But just how do you lead a happy life as a single person?  The singles lifestyle has many advantages.  Here are a few key benefits.


When you’re an unattached single, you have extraordinary freedom not available to anyone who’s married or in a committed relationship. When you’ve been in a committed relationship for many years, it’s easy to lose sight of this level of freedom.

If freedom is very important to you, then the single men life may be your best choice.  At least until you find a partner who values freedom as much as you do.

Fewer Responsibilities

If you go all the way and decide not to marry or have children, you will avoid a host of ongoing responsibilities, aggravations and problems.

Some people are made for the family life.  Others are made for the single life.  Some people are well equipped for marriage, others not. What we’re talking about here is aptitude.  In your heart-of-hearts, are you marriage material or are you bachelor material?  Are you a family person or an adventurer?

There are still problems to deal with as a single man, but there are fewer than if you had a spouse and children.

Complete Control of Your Life

There are no 50-50 decisions, agreements, or deals when you’re single.  All issues are decided by you and you alone. There are no changes in plans, detours, compromises, or concessions. Everything goes according to your wishes.

If having full control is important to you and you’re are comfortable with making all your own decisions, then the single life will work well for you.

Enjoy the advantages of the singles lifestyle.

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