Simple ways to have a successful first video date

video dating
video dating
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Single? No worries! In a time of Covid19 and limited human contact, your dating life doesn’t have to come to a complete halt. Video dating and other online dating options are here to help you take care of your romantic life. And just because you can’t meet someone in person at the moment doesn’t mean you have to stop dating. Make sure you’re ready to jump into virtual dates and actually have good ones.

Tips for a successful video dating

Remember that the camera goes both ways

It’s easy to forget that the person you are talking to can see you too. We might be playing a game, checking our email, or surfing the web. On a video dating, it just looks like you are distracted and like you don’t really care about the conversation.

Don’t take things too seriously

Dating, especially in the early stages is all about getting to know new people and finding connections. If you take things too seriously too soon you are going to drive a lot of people away.

Set boundaries

Before you start video dating, be sure to set boundaries when it comes to your safety and personal information. In the virtual world, there can be issues of people recording you without you knowing.

Acknowledge any awkwardness

Any first date has the potential to be awkward, and video dates are no exception. Acknowledge that a virtual date may not be ideal, and may potentially be uncomfortable.

Clean your place!

Yes, dating from home is convenient, but it also means that someone will be able to see the inside of where you live. Note, that now your home is the location of the first date. Make sure it doesn’t make a bad first impression.

So if you’ve been on the fence about whether to sign up for an app and do some virtual dating while you’re stuck at home, we hope this helps a little and provides some clarity. Good Luck!